Get A Website In A Day

And finally feel like the professional you are, leaving all the embarrassment behind…

Hello My Lovely,

Welcome to my Kingdom!

Please get comfortable and let me take you on a magical journey…

Somewhere where you’ll feel safe and excited…

I can only imagine how exhausted you are feeling right now…

You tried to DIY your website a long long ago and now it’s outdated and you are not impressed with the cookie cutter websites you see…

You bought a template website but you got so overwhelmed when you realised that now you need to spend hours learning how to make this template look like you want it to… it’s not as easy as they promised…

You really need a website and you want it now… You’ve done all the work, why should you need to wait 12 weeks?

You Can Stop the Search and Breathe

With my magical superpowers, I can bring your dream website to life in a Day, yes you read right, a DAY!

Are you ready for:

Can you imagine how excited, proud and empowered you'll feel in just ONE DAY?

You’ll be able to showcase you lovely new website on social media…

You’ll be eager to send potential clients your website link so they can see your offer and how you can help them…

I am here to create a website exactly how you want it to be, without dragging the process on for weeks..

Let's bring your dream to life...

How we will bring your dream to life...

Phase I
The Booking

Oh how fantastic!!! Our paths are aligned and we join forces to make magic!!!

  • You can book your Design day on the closest day available.
  • At this point you should have all your website deliverables ready to go.  If you are still missing something, please make sure that you book your day later to give you time to get all the deliverables together.

Secure your Design Day by paying in full so that we focus on your dream website!

Phase II
The Design Day

How exciting!!! And the magic begins!!!

  • We have our heart to heart chat where I get to know you and your business.
  • We talk extensively and in as much detail as possible about what your business is, what you want your website to look like and much much more.
  • You send me all your website elements (logo, fonts, content, images, etc.).
  • You should block your schedule for at least 60 minutes to give us time to talk freely and without stress.

Phase III
The Launch

I use my superpower and start to create your website. 

  • You will get an email saying that your website is complete!
  • We have then 4 working days with 2 rounds of revisions available to get your website perfect!
  • We can have fun and change some images or some text around.
  • Once we are both 100% happy, we do the happy dance and we go live!!!

*Note:  As I work internationally and we may be in various time zones, it is therefore understandable that I work in my time zone (EET).  This has no effect on my work, as no matter where in the world you are, I will work on your website in my day time and you will wake up to a brand new dreamy website.

Investment: 1,800 Euro

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“The future depends on what you do today.”
Mahatma Gandhi

The Package Summary

The Beginning

Domain and Hosting Setup: I can help you if you don't already have that in place

Coffee Chat
- so that we set out the path of your website

Delivery: You send me all your website elements

The Design Day

Designing of up to 5 mobile responsive pages (ex. Home, About, Services, Blog, Contact)

Integration with: Calendar for Appointments, Social Media Platforms, Payment Gateways (if needed), Email Marketing Service

The Launch

Revisions - Up to 2 rounds

Two weeks Post Launch Email Support (see FAQ's below for details)

Investment: 1,800 Euro

Have a Question or Just want to Chat about your Project?

Kind Words

Madison B. - Apartment Rentals

 It really has been such a pleasure to learn from and work with Catherine. With Catherine’s patient teaching and support, she gave me the confidence to finally take on making my own site by giving me a nudge in the right direction so I could start putting the puzzle pieces of WordPress together. Not only that, she has given me some great tools in being better to able to understand why my SEO wasn’t working before.

Kristin M. - Naturopathic Medicine

Catherine is an absolute angel and has saved my previous website disasters! She took the time to understand my target audience and helped me focus on the main message I wanted to convey. She very quickly put together a site with my content and pictures and that gave us a framework to then do some editing until we were both very happy with the final product. Working with Catherine was simply a pleasure! She makes you feel instantly at ease and with her skill level, you can trust that as long as you are clear on what you want your website to offer, she can help you create it. I will be recommending Catherine to all my female entrepreneur colleagues who are looking for a smart, creative and compassionate person for their tech support – not an easy bill to fit!"

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you provide domain names?

It is my policy that all my clients own their domain names.  With that being said, I can help you purchase yours. 

Do you provide hosting for website?

Not at the moment.  But, if you need help with setting that up, I am more than willing to help.  Send me an email at and let’s discuss your project and needs.

What do I need to have ready before I book my Design Day?

You will need to have all your branding elements ready (logo, colours, images both stock and professional photographs, fonts).

You will also need to have your website copy ready.  If you need help with getting this perfect so that it speaks to your dream client and your website works for you, as it should, I highly recommend Hannah Gibson. You can find her here.

What do you mean by Two Weeks Post Launch Email Support?

I am all about helping so this is a special gift that I like to offer.  I understand that getting your website perfect means the world to you and so I extend my help by giving you an additional two weeks to see what we might have missed.  These will be minor changes like an image or some text here and there and not a full re-design of the website.

I already have a website and hosting. how will this work?

Excellent! I presume that you want to change the existing one to a more updated and aligned website.  

We will start from scratch and create the website of your dreams.

What happens after the two weeks Post launch support?

I am so glad you asked. I have a wonderful, low budget support plan that will keep your website up to date and safe.  You can have a look here for details.

Have a Question or Just want to Chat about your Project?