Get A Website In A Day

And finally feel like the professional you are, leaving all the embarrassment behind…

You need a website, but...

You are tired of the cookie-cutter websites shown to you… 

You want a website that makes your heart burst with pride…

And yet, you don’t want to wait 12 weeks to see your dream…

Step into my Kingdom...

Whether you have a website that does not mean anything to you anymore or you want to start from scratch,  I am here to help bring to life that website that is dormant in the back of your mind…

How we will bring your dream to life...

Phase I
The Pre-Work

Here is where you will gather all your deliverables. 

  • Branding Elements:  colour palette, fonts, images (stock or professional).
  • Website Copy:  if you need help with getting your website copy you can download a copy guide here. You can contact Hannah to help you nail your content further. 

Phase II
The Booking

This phase is our initial point of contact. 

  • Book your Design Day and proceed to payment of the Design Day.  At this point you should have all your website deliverables ready to go.  If you are still missing something, make sure that you book your day later to give you time to get all the deliverables together.

Phase III
The Design Day

This phase is where we set the Design Day into motion.

  • We have our heart to heart chat where I get to know you and your business.
  • We talk extensively and in as much detail as possible about what your business is, what you want your website to look like and much much more.
  • You send me all your website elements (logo, fonts, content, images, etc.).
  • You should block your schedule for at least 60 minutes to give us time to talk freely and without stress.

Phase IV
The Launch

I work on your website to bring to life what we have discussed. 

  • We have then 4 working days with 2 rounds of revisions available to get your website perfect!
  • And we go live!!!


*Note:  As I work internationally and we may be in various time zones, it is therefore understandable that I work in my time zone (EET).  This has no effect on my work, as no matter where in the world you are, I will work on your website in my day time and you will wake up to a brand new website.

Investment: 1,800 Euro

Website in a Day is right for you if:

Website Express is NOT right for you if:

The Package Summary

The Beginning

Domain and Hosting Setup: I can help you if you don't already have that in place

Coffee Chat
- so that we set out the path of your website

Delivery: You send me all your website elements

The Design Day

Designing of up to 5 mobile responsive pages (ex. Home, About, Services, Blog, Contact)

Integration with: Calendar for Appointments, Social Media Platforms, Payment Gateways (if needed), Email Marketing Service

Basic On Page SEO

The Launch

Revisions - Up to 2 rounds

Two weeks Post Launch Email Support

Investment: 1,800 Euro

Have a Question or Just want to Chat about your Project?

Kind Words

“The future depends on what you do today.”
Mahatma Gandhi