Benefits Of Using Images On Your Website

Sometimes images are left to the last minute when gathering your elements for your website.

I know, my clients seem to forget this very important element. 

But, how important are images really for your website.

Well, images, whether stock or of yourself, they need to be consistent with your social media presence.  If you don’t have a social media presence yet, then you can create the mood with your website images.

Basically, it has to be consistent with the look and feel of your business.  This means, your colour scheme and your images should be somewhat compatible. 

For instance, if you are a health practitioner and your brand colours are earthy greens and browns, your stock images need to be consistent with that colour scheme and you should avoid bright pinks and yellows.

As you can see from the above website, we used a mix of stock and professional images.

Using Stock Images

There are several sites you can find very good quality stock images from and most often than not, you will be able to find something for whatever your business or niche is and the colours you use.  These images can be used on your website as well as on social media.

Curious where to find awesome stock photos for your business?

Here is a list of 3 and a Special Bonus that I just recently discovered. Did I mention they are FREE? Yes, absolutely FREE!

Unsplash:  They offer top-quality images with thousands added every day. You will definitely find something to work with!

Pexels: One of the most popular and for a good reason. They have a wide variety of images and guess what? They also have FREE stock videos! Worth checking them out.

Gratisography: Are you looking for something not so usual? This is the place for you. They don’t offer the variety or quantity as the others but they pride themselves in having the“world’s quirkiest collection of free stock images.

As with everything, there are also lots of places you can find paid memberships to have access to quality stock images.

Depositphotos: They have a few paid subscription options to choose from but they also send out weekly free images if you sign up for their newsletter.

Hire a professional photographer

Now that it’s time to level up your website, you might consider hiring a professional photographer to take some really good photos of you. 

These photos will be used on your website but you can always purchase a package (most photographers have packages) that will consist of photos to be used on your social media. 

This will help you maintain the professional look of your website and your social media accounts.

DIY photographs

If you are not comfortable working with a professional photographer, you may consider going the DIY path.

Nowadays, we all have smartphones with cameras that are pretty decent.  You can ask a friend or spouse to take some good photos of you and there you go.  You can use these on your website. 

The most important takeaway from this post should be that when you are creating your website, you need to have a good balance between text, images and space.

Top 3 ways images can improve the value of your website

  1. First Impressions:  Your visitor needs a few seconds to create a first impression when landing on your website.  If your images are good quality and resonate with your ideal client, you keep them on your website longer.
  2. Branding Consistency:  By having the right and consistent images throughout your online presence, you create the know, like and trust factor.  Your audience will be able to recognise you from the images you use. The colours, the fonts, the photo style you use.  Even the clothes you wear make a difference.
  3. Images work exceptionally well with visitors that are visually stimulated rather than reading text.  By having the right images to represent your offers, you can convey the message using the right images to grab their attention.

If you’re thinking of revamping your website or you are now ready for a website, you might want to have a look at the Website In A Day package.

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