Hello, I'm Catherine

I have been in Administrative support for over 20 years!!  Wow that is a long time…

Back in 2017 I decided that well, enough is enough and I really need to do something different in my life, with a bit more passion and creativity.  Something that I can see myself doing for many many more years…  Being a EA was just not cutting it anymore!

During my search I stumbled across the Virtual Assistant industry and Web Design. So my journey began…

Why Web Design?

After deciding on what services I wanted to provide, how to price myself and my time, all the lovely things you go through when you start an online business, I realized that I need to market myself and my services… Say whaaat? How do I do that?

I need to mention here that I live in Greece and we have been in a financial crisis mode since 2011, so all our salaries went down!  With that said, my budget was very very low.

I had to do everything the DIY way.  EVERYTHING!

Most of my research lead me to believe that I need a website to start off with, to send potential clients to so they can see my services and my prices.  So I can create relationships.

And so the 2nd part of my journey began! 

I spent hours and hours on Youtube learning and testing.  I even got myself my first online course!  WordPress 101!  I fell in love!  I knew the moment I started the course that this was my destiny! 

As you can imagine, with everything new comes exhaustion, overwhelm, imposter syndrome all while I am still working my full time job! 

Why should you trust me?

Do you find yourself feeling that you need to change the website you currently have as it doesn’t quite work for you any more, it doesn’t align with you anymore?  Or do you want to start from scratch?  

I am here to help you create a website that speaks to you first!  If you are not happy with your website, how can you send your Dream Client to it?  You should feel in full alignment with your website… it’s an extension of you after all…

I have been where you are.  I struggled to figure me out.  It took me countless hours of comparing myself to others and trying to fit in, but do we really have to go the mainstream way?  I don’t think so…

I am not here to tell you you should follow a specific layout or plan, I am here to guide you to build a website that resonates with you and your Dream Client.

Let’s do business our way, and let’s build you that beautiful website you so long for. 

Let me be your business buddy!