8 Common Website Myths

8 Common Website Myths

I’m sure you’ve heard a bunch of opinions when it comes to building a website for your business and I know how confusing it can be, especially when you get conflicting opinions…

In this post, I will try to address as many of those and hopefully help you clear your mind and make a decision that is right for you and your business.

Myth  #1 – Building a Website is too Expensive…

Are you putting off creating a website because you think it will cost you an arm and a leg?  Are you even considering to go ahead and do it yourself?  Quick question… have you thought how much a DIY solution will cost you? 

Think of all the hours you have to spend to sit and learn what it takes to create a website… all the new tech you need to learn… if this is something that interests you, great, then go ahead and have fun, it really is a lot of fun!!!

But… if you struggle with tech, why put yourself through that?  How much will that cost you?

Now, if you think of your website as a 24/7 assistant that greets your visitors, informs them of your services, answers their questions and takes their orders… how much is that worth to you and your business?

So essentially, just like you would train an employee / assistant, you create a website to be the investment you want it to be and not an online brochure someone sloppily put together just for the sake of it.

There are just so many web designers out there with just as many price ranges to choose from.  Let’s have a chat and see what you need.  I’m sure you will find that my packages are super affordable and we’ll create a website that speaks to your ideal client but also does not put a dent in your bank account.

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Myth #2 – I need to have all my branding done…

When you are starting out, I can imagine (I’ve been there) how stressful this part of a new business is… 

The good news is that you don’t NEED to have the perfect logo, the perfect colour palette, the newest and fanciest fonts…  All you need, is to have them done!!!

How?  Well, I’m pretty sure you’ve heard of Canva, if not check them out.  Have a chat with your web designer (xmmm… or just ask me) what the dimension should be for your logo and go create a lovely logo that will totally be in alignment with you! 

Pick a colour palette and some fonts and off you go… no need to over complicate things when you are just starting off.  Keep in mind that this is a quick exercise and should not take you forever and a day just so that you put the website launch on hold!!!

When your business grows, that’s when you will need a Branding Specialist to put together a more professional look for you.

Myth #3 – I need a copywriter for my website content…

Yes a copywriter can definitely help you write your website content.  However, if you have not settled down on your services, your ideal client and your niche, there is only so much a copywriter can help you with…

When it comes to your website copy it needs to be clear and to the point.  Your visitors spend less than 3 seconds on your website before deciding to leave and go somewhere else, so make it count.  By using jargon and words that mean absolutely nothing to your visitors will just make them leave feeling confused. 

Make sure you clearly state Who you are, What you do and Why you are the best person to help your visitors.

And remember, your website is not about you, it’s actually about your Ideal Client, so make them the focal point of your website.

Myth #4 – The more elements the fancier it will be and therefore better…

Have you ever walked into a department store and as soon as you step foot you are bombarded by sales people rushing to offer you this and that? How does that make you feel?  Overwhelmed and wanting to just rush past them so you can get to what you actually walked into the store for in the first place…

The same applies to your website.  It does not need all the bells and whistles.  Less is more when it comes to web design and keeping this in mind, you will concentrate more on your message than the making it look all pretty and “working too hard”.

By keeping your fonts readable so that your visitors don’t squint to actually read what you are saying and keeping your colours nice and bold for the same reason, will invite your visitors to stay on your site and not run for the exit, pronto!!!!

Myth #5 – Once my website is launched, I forget about it

Building and launching a website is just the beginning.  Imagine buying a new car.  That is just the beginning right?  You still need to take it for its regular service every year, pay insurance, road tax and all that lovely stuff…

The same applies to your website.  You will need to pay your domain registration every year, renew your hosting plan when it expires and most importantly, update your website.  It needs tender loving care just like everything else.  Change the images, tweak the text a bit, add new services, update your blog.  Google will love you and so will your visitors. 

Also, your website has different elements that need updating.  If you have no interest in maintaining the website’s functionality (updating your theme, plugins, security, etc), most Web Designers offer maintenance services which are very affordable.


Myth #6 – Once it’s launched I can’t change it…

As mentioned in Myth #5, you can always change your website!  Your website is your online business card and as such will evolve as your business evolves.  You can do a few tweaks now and again or even scrap it and start all over again with a more aligned website.

Just like you are the expert in your services, your web designer will help you decide if you need simple tweaks or a full blown start over.  Whatever the case is, you need not feel like it’s a done deal once you have launched your website.  Your are allowed to change your mind!

Myth #7 – Once I launch my website, clients will come rushing in…

I think this is the most disappointing aspect of a website.  Unfortunately,  we all think (me included) that once our website is up and running, all of a sudden we will have clients lined up at our doorstep wanting to work with us…

The truth is that your website is just a tool.  You will need to put a lot of marketing efforts into play so that your website gets in front of an audience.  Even if your website is optimized for Google search (SEO) it takes time for you to see results. 

Concentrate on creating a marketing strategy even before you build your website, that way you will have an audience to show your brand new business card to.

Myth #8 – Building and Launching a website takes long…

Well this actually depends on you only.  If you have all the elements ready (logo, colours, fonts, images, website content), I can have your website up and running in a day. 

If you don’t then I can still help you get it up in less than a week.  We can create a simple logo, choose a colour palette and images for your website together and then all you will need to do is fill out an easy questionnaire and that’s it!  I will start working on your website! 

Do you have a dream?  Let’s create it!!!!

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