5 Reasons To Invest In a Website

In today’s market, it’s difficult to stand out and although you might be thinking “it’s quite expensive to create a website”, think of it as an investment.  In the long run, it will pay for itself because a website will bring clients to you.  All businesses need to invest in a website. It is a way their audience can connect with them.

Need some help deciding?

Here is a list of the most important reasons you should consider investing in your business:

1.  It is your Storefront

By having a website, you can immediately get in front of your ideal clients.  You can tell your story and showcase your services.  You lead your visitors through a path designed by you.  When people walk into a shop, they can see the different products the shop has to offer.  Just because your services aren’t tangible, it doesn’t mean you cannot showcase them. 

2.  Showcase your expertise

A good website shows off your professionalism and helps to build credibility.  Your clients can get to know you.  In the corporate world, there are CV’s to show your expertise and education.  A website is your business’s portfolio.  You can show your previous work, become an authority in your field.  

3.  Your clients can find you

The first thing we do when we are looking for something is to head to a search engine.  Your clients do the exact same thing.  By having a website, they can have access to you and your services.  They have a way to contact you. 

This is a great opportunity to show your personality.  When your ideal clients land on your website they can see who you are and connect with you.  

4.  Social Media is not reliable

What happens if all or some of the social media platforms crash?  Nowadays, social media platforms are forever changing, Facebook Pages have become increasingly difficult to promote unless you pay.  Algorithms are also changing.  We cannot know what the future holds.  Where will your prospective and current clients find you?  By having a website, they have a to-go place.  You are worry-free, as you control your website. 

5.  Social Media is not for everyone

We all might be on social media all day, scrolling to no end.  But how many actually use it for business?  And which platform is most appropriate?  Think of your own actions.  How often will you find exactly what you are looking for on social media?  I personally always end up on a search engine.   Google is the largest search engine today.   Once your website is listed you will never need ad money for your business.  Isn’t that amazing?

As you can understand, for all new and current businesses it should be top of mind to invest in a website. It is a sure way to expand awareness of the business and to promote your services or products.

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