find your purpose
start designing your life


are you feeling stuck in an
unfulfilling day job?


Feeling Unhappy...

Maybe you need a bit more creativity in your life…

Maybe you wish to be your own boss…

Work flexible hours…

But you are not quite sure what you want to do or even how to get started…

The internet and globalisation provide a very fruitful ground to start a business in this day and age.  Becoming your own boss is becoming increasingly easier and start up costs can actually be zero if you use your current skills and talents.

Having an online business eliminates so many base expenses.  For instance you don’t need:

  • To quit your job just yet
  • Have starting off capital
  • Hire employees, office space and complex systems

All you need is motivation, a business idea and the right foundations to get started.

find your passion

This ebook will help you over and over again as it contains elements you can use at every new beginning.

Starting with finding your passion and guiding you to find what your REALLY REALLY want out of your life.

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What's inside

  • Figure out your Why
  • Discover what you REALLY want
  • Design your dream
  • Discover your purpose
  • Online Business Models and a list of business ideas
  • Know your income goals
  • Mindset traps and how to overcome them
  • Recommended reading list

who am I?

Hi there, I’m Catherine

You see, I’ve been there. Three years ago I felt exactly like that, frustrated, unhappy, unappreciated, over qualified, stagnant, bored, the list goes on and on…

So I started looking into it. Sure, I could’ve looked for another job but how long before I felt the same?… I knew it was a matter of time…

I started it as a side hustle… just to test the waters.

It’s not easy, especially since it’s a completely new ball game. Being an entrepreneur has its fair amount of challenges. But persistence and knowing that my life can be so much better kept me going.

I now want to help you, if you are ready to take the leap.

find your purpose
start designing your life

This book has really helped me start thinking of a career outside my day job. It is a great starting point.

Eleni B.

I have been made redundant twice now. This book has given me new hope and a great foundation to build a business of my own.

Jane S.

I was a bit cautious to buy this book, but it was money well spent. Catherine has away of of explaining that makes you feel confident that anything is possible!

Maria B.